• autorenewDirect debit RECOMMENDED
    With direct debit, your payments are automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card on the due date - you'll never miss a payment. You will still receive your bill, but we'll deduct your outstanding balance on the due date.

    Contact us to set up a direct debit or recurring credit card authority.
  • credit_cardCredit card payment via My Account
    My Account is a convenient way for you to manage you account. You can view your balance, transaction history and pay your bill online using your credit or debit card. PAY MY BILL VIEW MY BILL
  • devicesInternet banking
  • calendar_todayAutomatic payment
    You may wish to pay a fixed amount each month by setting up an automatic payment with your bank. If there is an outstanding balance when you receive your bill, simply pay the amount owing by the due date.

    Automatic payments can be set up by using your bank's internet banking facilities or completing a form at your bank.

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